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Pyro Jump

Pyro Jump

Leap from one wheel to another and try to catch Princess Paper in a hundred or so levels full of pitfalls. Pyro, the little flame, is burning with love for the princess and is ready to try anything to convince her that this romantic idyll is not destined to...

One Button Vania

One Button Vania

Explore a vast Metroidvania world, fight huge bosses, find items and gain level! All done with only ONE button.

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2013 Success Stories In New Jersey Online Market

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Casino Sites Need To Provide Regular Promotions

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Touch-Screen Casino Games

Touch-Screen Casino GamesAll mobile and tablet devices could be divided in two different types – touch-screen and casual ones. The latter is just your casual phone with casual buttons, while device featuring a touch-screen can be turned into a gaming machine. That’s right, online casinos have developed games for these devices, which feature special effects to those  Continue Reading »