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The Parking

The Parking [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

A terrifying experience in a desolated Parking.

Kungfu Cowboy

Kungfu Cowboy [Free] [Action] [Windows]

Headshot, dash and dodge with friends

Crooked Silence v2

Crooked Silence v2 [Free] [Shooter]

Puzzle survival horror fps game with graphics that are made to look like classic horror games made in the 90's.

Eternity Dial -Demo Ver.-

Eternity Dial -Demo Ver.- [Free] [Action] [Windows]

Time is bleeding out. Survive against eternity.

The Interference

The Interference [Free] [Windows]

A 3D narrative adventure with puzzle and FPS

Milkman Karlson

Milkman Karlson [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux] [Android]

Karlson is thristy

FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate

FROSTBITE: Deadly Climate [Free] [Adventure] [Windows]

a Resident Evil 7 style survival-horror game with a story/setting inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing

Task Force Kampas

Task Force Kampas [$4.99] [Shooter] [Windows]

A classic shoot em' up on steroids.

Fear in ruine

Fear in ruine [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]


Reshoot [Free] [Shooter]

A short FPS game made for the Brackeys Gamejam 2020.2

Dead Signal

Dead Signal [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS]

A short, claustrophobic horror game. IN SPACE.

Untitled Throw Dildos At The Dickhead Game [NSFW]

Untitled Throw Dildos At The Dickhead Game [NSFW] [Free] [Shooter] [Windows] [macOS]

Throw dildos at the dickhead to make him choke on it in this bad-ass politically phallic art-game


Vouivre [Free] [Action] [Windows]

This game is an action/adventure game that can be played on PC, keyboard and mouse.


Recall [Free] [Shooter]

It's a short top down shooter. this is my first game jam and game.

Hell Gates

Hell Gates [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]


BULLETS COME BACK! [Free] [Platformer] [Windows]

Mario style game, where you shoot and rewind your bullets!

Preacher, Boomstick and Army of Hell

Preacher, Boomstick and Army of Hell [Free] [Shooter]

The path to paradise begins in HELL


XIBALBA-Demo [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]

L.A. Escape

L.A. Escape [Free] [Action] [Windows] [Linux]

Plisken is tasked to retrieve the president's daughter. Will he be on time?

Gun Rounds

Gun Rounds [$2.99] [Shooter] [Windows] [macOS]

Fast paced, turn-based shooter with a cute attitude!

Pest Control

Pest Control [Free] [Shooter]

A retro FPS made in 2 weeks for MyFirstGameJam

Remember where they are !

Remember where they are ! [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]

shoot and sniper some bad guys before they do

Monster Shootout

Monster Shootout [Free] [Survival] [Windows]


KARLSON [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter

Beat Bandit (Demo)

Beat Bandit (Demo) [Free] [Rhythm] [Android]

Beat Bandit is a VR rhythm/fitness game where you slash, or shoot your way through levels set to pulsating music.

Final Shot

Final Shot [Free] [Shooter] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Shooter where you rewind time to reload


Gunfighters [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]

A wild west multiplayer shooter.

Existential Crisis 2: The Elite Unit | Shoot-em-up

Existential Crisis 2: The Elite Unit | Shoot-em-up [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]

6 Unique characters, new scoring system, and plenty of explosions! Get excited for Existential Crisis 2!

Heavy Bullets

Heavy Bullets [$9.99] [Shooter] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Heavy Bullets is a randomized FPS dungeon crawler with limited but reusable ammunition.

Time Beast

Time Beast [Free] [Action] [Windows]