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Tesla Motors Simulator

Tesla Motors Simulator [Free] [Simulation] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A free game where you can drive Tesla vehicles


FRANZ FURY [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

No brakes full throttle V8 death-metal car massacre to save your cat Hans.

Fall Guys but I only had 1 hour

Fall Guys but I only had 1 hour [Free] [Racing] [Windows]

I tried making fall guys but I only had 1 hour

Car Parking Simulator

Car Parking Simulator [$9.99] [Racing]

Car Parking Simulator is a fully interactive and realistic car parking experience

Victory Heat Rally

Victory Heat Rally [Free] [Racing] [Windows]

Neo super scaler racing!

Wheels of Aurelia

Wheels of Aurelia [$9.99] [Other] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A narrative racing game set in the roaring Italian 70s

Estradas Vorazes

Estradas Vorazes [Free] [Racing]

Tanuki Sunset Classic

Tanuki Sunset Classic [Free] [Racing] [Windows]

Raccoons riding longboards on this retro themed relaxing arcade game

Cursor Car

Cursor Car [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Race around your desktop!

Fast Formula

Fast Formula [$2.99] [Racing]

VR formula racing game

FPV Freerider

FPV Freerider [$4.99] [Simulation] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

RC Quadcopter Racing Simulator

Super Pilot

Super Pilot [Free] [Racing] [Windows]

Futuristic arcade racing game with a track editor

FFX Runner HD

FFX Runner HD [Free] [Action] [Windows]

Run away from enemy cars who want to kill you.

Virtua Racing Demake

Virtua Racing Demake [Free] [Racing] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

PICO-8 port of the iconic SEGA title


blockrace [Free] [Racing]

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters [Free] [Simulation] [Windows]

Drift Hunters is Car Driving and Racing Simulator

Burnin' Rubber 3

Burnin' Rubber 3 [$2.99] [Action] [Windows]

Rule the world in this fast-driving racing sequel. Play the Daily Challenge or take on the globe in World Domination!


VEKTOR 2089 [$5.00] [Action] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Futuristic Anti-Gravity Racing

Photon Highway

Photon Highway [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS]

Drive to the end of the universe

Sonic Revert

Sonic Revert [Free] [Racing] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Online multiplayer Sonic fan game

Dino Walk Simulator

Dino Walk Simulator [Free] [Simulation] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Race Dinosaurs!


Witchball [$5.00] [Sports] [Windows]

2017 // Post-Reality Racing

FPV Freerider Recharged

FPV Freerider Recharged [$9.99] [Simulation] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

RC Quadcopter Racing Simulator

Burnin' Rubber 4

Burnin' Rubber 4 [$4.99] [Action] [Windows]

Free-roam the Burnin' Rubber universe! Fight in challenges and special missions to unlock new content. Are you ready?!

Marble Marcher

Marble Marcher [Free] [Racing] [Windows]

A Fractal Racing Game

Descent Alps

Descent Alps [Free] [Racing] [Android]

Adrenaline and flow in the slopes.


SuperTuxKart [Free] [Action] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A go kart racing game featuring Tux & Friends


DIRE [Free] [Action] [Windows]

A survival car chase about a single mother in a dying world

Quad-It: FPV Simulator

Quad-It: FPV Simulator [Free] [Simulation] [Windows]

Vienna Automobile Society

Vienna Automobile Society [$15.00] [Strategy] [Windows] [macOS]

An arcade racing game of strategy and reflexes