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Unlikely [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [Android]

A short creepy game

Shogun Showdown

Shogun Showdown [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A turn-based roguelike

Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets [Free] [Card Game]

Chill online auto battler

Tiny Islands (2019)

Tiny Islands (2019) [Free] [Card Game]

Draw cards and draw your map - get a high score

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Sacrifices Must Be Made [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

You find yourself in a dimly lit log cabin in the middle of the woods. You are starving to death.


Donsol [$5.00] [Puzzle]

Donsol is a solitary card game in which you must go through the deck in sequences of 4 cards.

Paper Soldiers

Paper Soldiers [Free] [Card Game] [Windows]

High Stakes

High Stakes [Free] [Card Game]

A digital card game with Vampires

Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC

Die in the Dungeon CLASSIC [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A turn-based, deck-building roguelite focused on dice combinations!

Forward (Game Jam version)

Forward (Game Jam version) [Free] [Card Game]

Rogue-like card game

Dino Duel!

Dino Duel! [Free] [Card Game] [Windows]

A Card Game 65 Million Years in The Making


Waterworks! [Free] [Card Game]

Can you help provide the medieval town of GrudziÄ…dz with water?

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero [$16.99] [Role Playing] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Collect rare items, organize your backpack, and defeat the dungeon!

Castle Defense

Castle Defense [Free] [Strategy] [Windows] [macOS]

Tiny strategy game about defending a castle. Please read the description on the game page

Shroom and Gloom

Shroom and Gloom [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS]

A deck-building, dungeon-crawling, first person tale of mushrooms and madness.

Island Maker

Island Maker [Free] [Strategy]

Build a thriving island colony one building at a time.

Relics of the Fallen

Relics of the Fallen [Free] [Card Game]

Roguelike dungeon crawler card game.


Fortune-499 [$4.99] [Role Playing] [Windows] [macOS]

Decks & Daggers

Decks & Daggers [Free] [Card Game] [Windows]

A Deck-Building RPG Card Game!

Flubby Farm

Flubby Farm [Free] [Card Game] [Windows]

Signs of the Sojourner

Signs of the Sojourner [$19.99] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS]

An introspective deck-builder about friendship, travel, and collecting snacks.


simmiland [0% Off] [$5.00] [Windows] [macOS]

god-like card game


Stacklands [0% Off] [$5.00] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS]

A village builder where you stack cards to collect food, build structures, and fight creatures

Patient Rogue

Patient Rogue [Free] [Card Game]

A roguelite card-based game for 7DRL 2018

Voracious Riches

Voracious Riches [Free] [Card Game]

Submission for the 2022 WeightGaming Game Jam

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection

The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection [$9.99] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux] [Android]

All seven Zachtronics solitaire games, updated with new 4K graphics, plus one brand new Tarot-themed solitaire variant.

Hyper P.T.

Hyper P.T. [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

P.T. recreated with HyperCard

mr mayor tells your fortune recounts a story and offers you snacks

mr mayor tells your fortune recounts a story and offers you snacks [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS]

have a nice time with Mr Mayor

Weiss Schwarz Card Game Simulator V0.4.4.1

Weiss Schwarz Card Game Simulator V0.4.4.1 [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Fully automated Weiss Schwarz card game now with online multiplayer.


Heartscape [Free] [Card Game]

A minimalist deckbuilding puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 45

Card Hog

Card Hog [$3.99] [Card Game] [Windows]

Bacon-flavored dungeon crawler

Twilight Tower (post jam version)

Twilight Tower (post jam version) [Free] [Card Game] [Windows] [macOS]

A survival horror/roguelite/dark decision-making card game hybrid where morality conflicts with survival.


Yacht [Free] [Card Game]

The classic LCD dice game

Mine Cards

Mine Cards [Free] [Card Game]

an idle deckbuilder

Not Me!

Not Me! [Free] [Card Game] [Android]

It's like Tinder but you have to kill a murderer

Pocket Crystal League

Pocket Crystal League [Free] [Card Game] [Windows]

A progressive deck-building Poke-card game.