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Stone House Orphanage

Stone House Orphanage [Free] [Other]

A lone reporter investigates the disappearance of two children.

Train 113 - Horrorgame

Train 113 - Horrorgame [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Atmospheric Indie Horror Game Teaser

There Are Ghosts In These Stalls

There Are Ghosts In These Stalls [Free] [Other]

A short horror game in a bathroom stall.


SHADOW [Free] [Other] [Windows]

The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


candypink [Free] [Other]

A perfectly normal cooking game. [made for Two Minute Horror Jam]

You Are Alone

You Are Alone [Free] [Other]

Brackeys Game Jam 2020 Rewind - Horror/Mystery Game

Forgotten Tunnels - Episode 2

Forgotten Tunnels - Episode 2 [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Forgotten tunnels episode 2 is a short horror expericence.


Hamilton [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Delve into a mysterious, defiled place purposefully forgotten by both man and nature to find someone important to you.

Dad I'm scared

Dad I'm scared [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Daughters cry woke you up, she is certain that something is in the house.


Redundancy [Free] [Other] [Windows]

You're the IT guy. Created for ScreamLite

Try To Remember

Try To Remember [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Are you a true detective? Pass the test!

Among Us

Among Us [Free] [Other] [Windows] [Android]

An online and local party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-10 players

Start Survey?

Start Survey? [Free] [Other] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

You star in tonight's episode of... The Midnight Zone

How I Joined The Cult

How I Joined The Cult [Free] [Other]

A simple game about a guy who entered a cult, and is paying psychologically for it.

Half - Horrorgame

Half - Horrorgame [Free] [Other] [Windows] [macOS]

Atmospheric Indie Horror Game / Sevs Fangame


Linger [Free] [Other] [Windows]

A massive snowstorm has trapped you in an apartment during a vacation, weird things begin to happen.


237 [Free] [Other] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

You Can't Handle The Truth

Crimeboy (Chain Game)

Crimeboy (Chain Game) [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Chain game made by various people.


NIGHT OF THE CONSUMERS [$1.93] [Other] [Windows]



Bleakshore [Free] [Other] [Windows]

‚ÄčThe haunting wilderness awaits you. You hope she's okay.

Super Breakfast Rush

Super Breakfast Rush [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Fill it or spill it, Junior!


alone [Free] [Other] [Windows]


Distortion [$2.00] [Other] [Windows]

What Awaits Us Below

What Awaits Us Below [Free] [Other] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

You are falling. And so is a bunch of buildings. But what is waiting at the end?


LOW-FI [$35.00] [Other] [Windows]


RESTRICTED SECTION [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Sneak into a forbidden library in your monastery to investigate a series of strange murders.

Where are you ?

Where are you ? [Free] [Other] [Windows]

My name is Emily. I woke up in those catacombs with no memories.


Embuscade [Free] [Other] [Windows]

A short horror tale told through a voxelated experience full of secrets.

They Come At Poop Time

They Come At Poop Time [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Poop while fending off monsters

my dream but it is playable

my dream but it is playable [Free] [Other] [Windows]

it is scary