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MADiSON Demo [Free] [Survival] [Windows]

A first person psychological horror game

A Day in the Office

A Day in the Office [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Something strange is happening in the workplace...


Morto [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Indie Game of Psychological Horror

I Am The Caretaker

I Am The Caretaker [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Short horror game about mysterious facility.

The Lightkeeper

The Lightkeeper [Free] [Shooter] [Windows]

Embark on a mysterious adventure as you accompany the ex-military officer Hans Novikov

Nocte Domum DEMO

Nocte Domum DEMO [Free] [Adventure] [Windows]

Short creepy DEMO for the upcoming Nocte Domum


Silence [Free] [Other] [Windows]

Sounds do matter...

I'm on observation duty

I'm on observation duty [Free] [Puzzle]

A short horror game that requires sharp eyes and concentration.

Fiscal Jesters

Fiscal Jesters [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS]

Wacky 90s Arcade Puzzle Action, now with 4 player mode and a Canada goose

Dim Lights Demo

Dim Lights Demo [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Dim Lights is horror-based game, with a few objectives and showing the gameplay. (ITS STILL A DEMO!!)

Dead Air

Dead Air [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Safety in Radio Silence


Connectory [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Direct calls for your lo-fi corporate bloblords


Stargazers [Free] [Platformer] [Windows]

Venture into a puzzle ridden tower to shed light on an ancient celestial mystery.

goodbye, doggy

goodbye, doggy [Free] [Puzzle]

Help your family cope with your death as a ghostly dog!

Northbury Grove

Northbury Grove [Free] [Survival] [Windows]

Welcome to Northbury Grove...we hope you survive your stay!

Life of a Save Crystal

Life of a Save Crystal [Free] [Role Playing]

Build Mnemonic Links to save the Heroes


TARAKAN [$3.99] [Puzzle] [Windows]

A mystery puzzle adventure, inspired by hidden object escape room games

a pet shop after dark

a pet shop after dark [Free] [Adventure] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

water the plants, feed the pets, and DON'T turn off the lights.


GO HEROES [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Defy the Gods in a cross-genre adventure.

Metavaxx πŸ”¬

Metavaxx πŸ”¬ [$6.00] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Cellular Minesweeper Shooter πŸ”¬

Project Kat

Project Kat [Free] [Role Playing] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

A small, unconventional horror rpg.

The Dream of Yourself

The Dream of Yourself [Free] [Adventure] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

is about the discovery of the β€œother” in yourself, through a spiritual exploration of your subconsciousness.

The Book

The Book [Free] [Adventure] [Windows]

Horror Game

Deepest Sword

Deepest Sword [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS]

Plunge your sword deep into the dragon's heart!

What Lies in the Fog

What Lies in the Fog [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS]

A short horror game.

Depths of the Desert

Depths of the Desert [Free] [Adventure] [Windows] [macOS]

Make your way to the heart of an ancient city in the desert


factori [15% Off] [$5.10] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

starting with just the letter β€œi”, bend, merge, rotate, and reflect to create entire words.

Head(ge) Space

Head(ge) Space [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows]

Save your dog from the maze he ran into

Invite the blackbird

Invite the blackbird [Free] [Visual Novel] [Windows]

Hand-drawn puzzle game made in a form of comics with lovely illustrations


Cosmosown [Free] [Puzzle] [Windows] [macOS] [Linux]

Harness strange plants to reclaim your ship in this puzzle platformer.