Casino SitesThere is a common marketing truism about how it is so much easier and affordable to retain customers than it is to entice new ones. This is something g that is true in all walks of life and it definitely applies to online casino sites. There is huge competition in the online casino industry and it seems as though most sites are purely focused on winning new players and enticing players away from other sites. This is why there are so many online casino sites offering great welcome bonuses.

The thing is though, once a player has played through their welcome bonus, what are they going to do? Are they going to continue playing on a site where there are no bonuses on offer are or they going to be enticed by what a different online casino is offering to new players. Before they know it, a casino player will be jumping from site to site in an attempt to grab all the best bonuses that are available. When you think about how many casino sites there are to choose from, it is likely that a player will be able to make their way around a lot of sites before they have to start playing without a bonus.

Casino sites need to work harder

In the end, this isn’t good for an online casino and it is why a number of sites are waking up to what they provide to existing players. There is no doubt that there is a need to provide regular promotions and incentives for players that are already on a site. This means that a player will stay on the same site as opposed to racing around looking to see what different sites have to offer. This is good for the player because it saves them a lot less hassle and effort. However, it is also good for the site because they are retaining players whom will spend more money in the long run.

If you like the sound of this sort of promotion, you will be keen to hear what the golden Euro Casino has to offer. This is a site that offers a strong matched deposit bonus for new players on the site but it is clear that they value keeping players around. Every single month there is a chance for players to take advantage of a 100% matched deposit bonus up to €200. There is also the chance to earn a €200 bonus every single weekend. This is a 50% matched deposit bonus.

These two bonuses provide the site with an advantage over many rival sites but there is also a weekly matched deposit bonus on offer from the site. Every Tuesday, players on the Golden Euro Casino have the chance to bag a bonus up to €100 with a 25% matched deposit bonus. It may not be a bonus that is attractive as the other bonuses available on site but it is certainly better than nothing. The fact that there are so many reasons to stay on this site will see players lining up to join and then stay with Golden Euro Casino.