Bwin PokerIt’s a good old-fashioned Texas showdown (Texas Holdem, that is). Because when they say Country Showdown, Bwin Poker is not talking about the Midwest of the United States. They’re talking about the countries around the world being represented in the Bwin Poker Weekly Country Showdown of poker, an ongoing promotion of national pride running every week on Monday nights.

Bwin Poker’s Weekly Country Showdown is a country restricted event, which means that you can only play in the event for your country and therefore will only be competing against your fellow countrymen (and women) for the title of best online poker player in your country for that week.

Each event in the Bwin Poker Weekly Country Showdown is a No Limit Texas Holdem event with a $3 + $0.30 buy-in and a prize pool, depending on the number of entrants, of up to $3,000, though guaranteed to be at least $300. All events are rebuy tournaments and add-on tournaments.

Each country’s event has a different name and scheduled time. The participating countries, and the names of their respective Bwin Poker Weekly Country Showdown events, are listed (alphabetically) below. But you must check the Bwin Poker site (on the network) itself for the exact time for your country.

  • Austria: Montags-Special
  • Balkan, Slovenija: Balkan Weekly
  • Baltics: Baltic Manic Monday
  • Belgium: Belgium guaranteed
  • Canada: Canadian Weekly
  • Czech Rep./Slovakia: Cesko-Slovensky special
  • Denmark: Ugentlig turnering garanteret
  • Finland: Finnish Weekly
  • France: Lundi rebuy
  • Germany: Manic Monday
  • Greece: Greek Poker Mondays
  • Hungary: Magyar verseny
  • Netherlands: Netherlands Weekly
  • Norway: Norwegian Weekly
  • Oceania: Oceanic Weekly
  • Poland: Gorczka poniedziaBkowej nocy!
  • Portugal: Portuguese Monday Special
  • Russian Federation: Russian Weekly
  • South America: Locura de Lunes?
  • Spain: Spanish Monday gambler
  • Sweden: Veckoturnering gtd
  • Switzerland: Montags-Special
  • United Kingdom: UK Weekly